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How to make Social Network Online Like Twitter.com !



Hello all :)
Here i want to give you something, may useful for you as a script kiddie or social network admin :)
You know twitter? Yea, Twitter.com is it..

Waaa, Nice... I know that script, who same like script on twitter.com, the script named is

On real site, you must buy $249, and now $49 to buy that script..
But if you want to test, or start make a new Social Network Like Twitter
ARIQNZ.BLOGSPOT.COM give you free that script!!
Download Scritter Nulled v 2.00 (On Here) <MediaFire Link>
Password is : ariqnz
Here is information about Scitter
Create your own popular micro blogging / social networking website.

* SEO Profiles - YourDomain.com/Username
* #Tagging in posts just like Twitter!
* Text and Picture Updates Supported
* Link to profiles using @Username when posting updates
* 100% Visible Source Code (The script is not encrytped)
* Template System (Easy Customization)
* Custom Backgrounds
* Secure Code
* Free Support For Life!
* 3 Months Free Updates

Wigdet - Embeddable User Widget
Mobile Website Module
mobile phone module

Allow users to access your website on their mobile devices using our mobile module.

* Auto Redirect Mobile Users to Mobile Website
* Follow / Unfollow Users
* Post Updates
* Send Messages
* Explore Recent Updates
* Supports Multiple Languages
* Search Updates

More Info

Upload Photos From Your Mobile Phone / Device *

* Users can now upload photos using the mobile module on certain phones and mobile devices More Info

Youtube Video Module
youtube module

Allows users to embed videos from youtube by entering the youtube video url.

* Videos embedded from youtube.
* Saves space
* Saves bandwidth

More Info

Multilingual Support

Multi-Language Script / Software

Scritter comes pre-loaded with english, spanish and french language packs.

Easily Add More, Just Translate One File!

Ajaxified Functions | Clean & Modern Design
Scritter Demo

Scritter takes social networking software to a next level.

* Fully Ajaxified | Ajax Instant Technology
* Web 2.0 Design
* Social Networking Profiles
* Post Updates & Replies
* Follow Users | Add Friends
* Message Inbox System
* Customizable Feeds

View Demo

Recently Added Features
What's New?

* IP Banning
Admins can now ban users based on their IP Address.

* Homepage Scrolling Updates
Top updates have been added to the homepage with Ajax automatic scrolling.

* Homepage Recent Images
A listing of the most recently added images has been added to the homepage.

* SEO Profile URL's
New SEO profile URL added - YourDomain.com/Username

* Tagging
Users can tag anything is posts using #Tag such as #Twitter #Script

* Wigdet
Embeddable Widget showing users's posts and post comments has been added which users can use to post on any website.

* Facebook Like Integration
Posts can now be liked using the Facebook Like system.
Wanna Try Demo? : let access to www.panglima27.com
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Title : How to make Social Network Online Like Twitter.com !
Description : ARIQNZ, Hello all :) Here i want to give you something, may useful for you as a script kiddie or social network admin :) You know twitt...

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